Hi My name is Suvir and I live in Bangkok, Thailand. My hobbies are HAM radio, electronics computers and SIP Communications. I have been fascinated by radio transceivers ever since I was young when I used to go the the book store and look at all the Ham radio publications such as CQ Magazine and 73 Magazine.

My HAM call sign was formerly HS1FOS but after letting the license expire for many years. I have to get a new license and my current call sign isĀ  E25OSW

I am an electronics engineer by education. My first computer was the Sinclair zx-81, moved on to the apple II then to the IBM PC compatible 8088.

I used unix for the first time in university in 1994 and learned about Slackware linux through my mentor Sakchai. In those days Slackware came on a set of 3.5 Inch floppy discs. This was before the time of the CD rom. I used linux and loved it since then.

I have created many embedded devices for work using the MCS-51 series of micro controllers by ATMEL. I used both ASSEMBLY and C. These days I play with Arduino and Raspberry PI.

I also use freeSWITCH and many other open source projects in production for both work and fun.

Hopefully this will spark some interest in homebrew network radio.

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talKKonnect is a headless self contained mumble Push to Talk (PTT) client with a mobile transceiver form factor complete with LCD, Channel and Volume control.

talKKonnect is AKA a Raspberry Pi Walkie Talkie, Intercom, two (2) way radio, IP Radio, Gateway

Originally the goal was to create a ‘transceiver like’ network radio using the “C” language on Linux so I could learn the “C” language. The goal was to improve my skills and give back to the open source ecosystem from which I have benefited and learned so much. This project is possible only because of countless hours of dedication and hard work from other people who made their work freely available on the internet for everyone who has an interest to learn.

When I started to do some research on the internet I found a very interesting project called talkiepi by Daniel Chote. You can find Daniel’s page here http://projectable.me/

This project is a fork of talkiepi. I have used hardware such as USB sound cards and an audio amplifier based on TDA2030 which is a readily available as a kit form or built form.

Talkiepi was something that changed the direction of this project and I used it as a learning platform. This means I had to learn golang and after some research on golang I found it to be a very interesting language to learn and also I did not have enough time, knowledge or experience to write the whole project in “C” from scratch.

I learned golang from youtube videos from this guy sentdex which I recommend highly that you subscribe to his channel. There is also a lot of documentation available on line. This project can be used as a complete push  to talk (PTT) open source solution.

The raspberry 3+ is a great learning platform for Linux software development. It is readily available, affordable and powerful enough to be a perfect candidate for my project.


PTT over IP Communications – Part 4

Do you have a communications plan? Do you need one? Does your business model require multiple layers of backup connectivity? Do you need to exchange mission-critical information in your business quickly and efficiently? Carefully planned communications can ensure that mission critical messages can be delivered at all times over multiple redundant methods of communication. Do …


Hi I can be contacted by clicking on the social links below. I am on Facebook and also Linkedin. You can email me at suvir@talkkonnect.com. For a quick chat you can also chat with me using facebook messenger.

Standing by on mumble.talkkonnect.com port 64738 (No Password Required) I am on channel HAM-CB drop by and say Hi.

Please Send in some pics of your build!