talkkonnect now supports I2C Interface HD44780 4×20 LCDs

With the latest release version 1.39 you can now use HD44780 LCD Display 4×20 characters with both parallel GPIO and I2C interfaces.

To choose the type of display you have you will need to

  1. For Parallel GPIO Mode set the xml tag lcdinterfacetype>parallel</lcdinterfacetype> and <lcdi2caddress>0x00</lcdi2caddress>
  2. For I2C Mode set the xml tag as <lcdinterfacetype>i2c</lcdinterfacetype> and <lcdi2caddress>63</lcdi2caddress>

In I2C mode you can use i2cdetect -y 1 to get the HEX address of the I2C display. However please convert the hex to decimal before putting into the i2caddress tag. For my case i2cdetect gave me and address of 0x3f which corresponds to the decimal value of 63 which I put into the xml file.

Happy talkkonnecting!