Family Intercom with talkkonnect

What better way to talk to the family while on the road. Ask the wife whats for dinner from the car? Or while traveling abroad keep in touch with the family.

I wipped up this intercom form factor of talkkonnect using a plastic project box, Orange Pi Zero, PM8403 Amp Board and an 1.3 OLED I2C Screen on a sunday afternoon.

talkkonnect intercom front view
talkkonnect intercom side view

talkkonnect intercom installed on the wall in the living room

talKKonnect with lirc for IR control

talKKonnect can work with LIRC. You can add an infra red remote controller to change channels, change Mumble servers, adjust volume, press PTT, stream media, etc. You can program IR control keys for any talKKonnect function supported by talKKonnect http api.

talkkonnect irc channel

I have created an irc channel on freenode the channel is #talkkonnect and I will try to hangout on the channel as much as I can. If anyone is interested in communicating or building talkkonnect hope to see you there!