Recommended USB Sound Card

For those who are looking to build talkkonnect with a USB sound card. We have had good experience with the Vention USB sound card below. No irritating high pitch whining noise as we found with those sound cards that have no power filtering. So if you are looking for higher quality sound on receive with no irritating mosquito buzzing sound consider ordering this card which we have tried and tested.

Orange Pi Images Version 2 Released

Since Raspberry PI are hard to find these days we have released a talkkonnect version 2 SD card image that is tested and working with Orange Pi Zero. The operating system is Pi with armbian. SD card images available at

The download is a 1GB Zipped file but you will require a 32GB SD card for this image as the process for shrinking the image is not the same a Raspberry Pi and the same scripts do not work.

Let us know your feedback and experience with orange pi boards! This release should make it more convenient for the Orange Pi Fans out there. Let us know your experience feedback by email.

Happy talkkonnecting!