Function keys F1-F4 not working

If you are using terminal emulators like putty or kitty from windows you may have this problem that talkkonnect
does not respond correctly to functions keys F1-F4. You can set putty as the screen shot below and then ssh in again.

If you want to change keymappings in the code you can also do so but this will cause problems down the line I suggest that the problem
be solved by fixing the problem with the terminal (putty) for this case.

For http api you can use command for example (the IP of the example talkkonnect is change to your talkkonnect ip address)

Planned Roadmap for New Features in the near future

Test Mode
1. There will be 1K test tones streaming feature for testing for packet loss
2. Press PTT in a predefined loop for testing until failure.

1. Add cancellable stream so that participants can listen to a stream until someone interrupts the stream

Log Levels
1. Define log levels for talkkonnect configurable in talkkonnect.xml

1. Let talkkonnect run in a daemon terminal that can be connected locally or remotely via tcp port

PTT Mode
1. Add PTT toggle mode for more convenience

Variable Bit Rate
1. Add variable bit rate to talkkonnect