Summary of Interesting Features in talkkonnect 1.2

Software Features
1. Software stack was created using golang which is a mature and flexible development platform
2. Uses external XML file for configuration of software features and definition of hardware gpio pins
3. Auto-provisioning of XML file from standard HTTP Server for easy remote central configuration/deployment/update
4. Detailed Logs available
5. Customizable sounds for events along with volume preference for each sound
6. Roger Beep function to indicate end of transmission to receiving party
7. Multiple Server Accounts support in configuration
8. Repeater Like beacon functionality for broadcasting periodic messages at defined intervals.
9. Text to Speech function for easy operation
10. Gmail SMTP Support for sending out Logs, GPS Location etc.
11. Configurable transmit timeout timer to prevent locked transmit (useful when interfacing to RF)
12. HTTP API Support for remote control
13. Panic function to request for help on the road etc.

Hardware Features
1. Can be build with components easily available online.
2. Form Factor of a Mobile Transceiver with external microphone with channel up/down navigation
3. Uses an HD44780 Standard and easily available LCD Screen to display status and events as they happen in real time
with backlight timeout control
4. Has LEDs for Online Status, Voice Activity, Participants in Channel and Heartbeat
5. Speaker Mute to prevent sound feedback and to emulate simplex communication like a real transceiver
6. Can connect to USB GPS/Glonass U-Blox7 GPS module for location tracking
7. Easy to interface to other systems like Radio Transceivers, etc.

Benefits of being open source licensing
1. Runs on the popular Raspberry Pi 3 Platform
2. Based on the open source mumble protocol and can communicate with PCs, Mobile Phones that run standard mumble clients
3. Both server side and client side software is free and open source available on
4. You have a working stable platform for you to be able to create your own custom solutions to solve your own problems

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