lets chat!

Since there are many new members interested in talkkonnect, there are many emails I receive in a week. We are ready to answer your questions by voice chat using mumble.

Please join us using the following mumble connection details
for other mumble clients

server: mumble.talkkonnect.com:64738

You can set any name you would like to be called

Join the Channel HAM-CB

We will be standing by when we can, talk to you guys soon!

for talkkonnect

<account name="community-talkkonnect" default="true">   <!-- Server identifier and enabler -->
  <serverandport>mumble.talkkonnect.com:64738</serverandport> <!-- server:port of mumble server to connect to -->
  <username>yourname</username> <!-- Mumble Username that will be used to authenticate on the mumble server -->
  <insecure>true</insecure>   <!-- Set to true of your server doesnt require a certificate-->
  <certificate></certificate> <!-- Full Path to Certificate if Certificate is needed by Server -->
  <channel>HAM-CB</channel>   <!-- Initial Channel on The Server to Move to after successful connection -->
  <ident>yourname yoursurname</ident>             <!-- The identity to be sent in a panic situation -->

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