Repeater Tone Feature Added

The release of talKKonnect version 1.47.03 now has a new option enable ham operators across Europe to play a tone upon keying the transmit button for them to be able to open repeaters. One example is those repeaters that require a 1750 Hz Tone.

TalKKonnect allows any audible tone to be played from a wav file, this means you can play any tone you want or DTMF tones to open features on repeaters. You can control the file to be played, and the volume it is to be played back at. For the duration of play simply prepare a WAV file of the desired length, this will require some experimentation.

Some tones for frequency 1750 Hz with different duration have been updated to the soundfile folders.

Example of a working XML file config you will need to add the section below.

<repeatertone enabled="true">

Let us know your results, this is all theory as I do not live in Europe of have any repeaters to test this function on. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Happy talKKonnecting!

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