Why did I create talKKonect

Building something always has made me happy and feel that I am spending my spare time usefully. I have a passion for radio communications and building my own radios. Electronics and embedded systems are also a passion of mine.

I believe in learning by doing and recently the most cost effective way to learn and break things is in software because there are no costs. You can fail multiple times and all you loose is your time. No risk of blowing anything up. It’s the combination of hardware and software that I find exciting.

I have been wanting to learn and program in “C” after looking at so many videos online and reading a few books I did not get very far. However doing this project and spending about 2 months I have realized the only way to really learn something is just to go ahead and do it.

I want to learn about version control tools such as github, bug trackers and how to create open source software and the open source software ecosystem.

The ultimate goal is to have a community of like minded people who take and improve on the hardware and software. People who test and give feedback. People who create documentation so that others can follow the project and build these units easily. Make friends so that we can teach each other and learn together. Maybe we can create our own server and channel for people to exchange ideas.

Oh and also my wife says I spend to much time watching TV, so since the start of the project I have not watched much.


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