Features of talKKonnect

Hardware Improvements
  • Use External Mic and push buttons on the device for Channel Up/Down navigation
  • Has a 4×20 LCD Screen
  • Has a built in Amplifier using the TDA2030 Chip
  • Has a volume adjustment knob
  • Self contained unit with all power supplies built in
  • Female RJ45 connector at the back for network connectivity
  • 4 LEDs that show status such as online, other participants in channel, Transmit Mode and an LED that flashes as there is voice activity
Software Improvements
  • Colorized LOGS on debugging terminal for events as they happen
  • Can play an alert sound as events happen
  • A Roger Beep like effect that lets the remote party that you have released the PTT button
  • Mutes Speaker when pressing PTT to prevent feedback and give a radio like experience
  • Channel seek
  • LCD with useful information for showing status, channel joined, who is speaking, etc.

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