Support for Inverting GPIO Output Logic

No more need to add additional hardware to get the output signals of talkkonnect just right for you next project. You can have exactly the signal you want with configuration of the XML file. Under the hardware tag, io and pins section you can set your desired behavior for any particular pin.

The normal case logic is that you want the “transmit” GPIO to go to a logic HIGH when talkkonnect is transmitting. However what if you want the logic the other way around?

For your use case if you want the “transmit” GPIO to always be high and switch to a logic LOW only when talkkonnect is transmitting. Talkkonnect now has a xml tag just to do this!

Example of an inverted “transmit” GPIO XML configuration tag below

<pin direction=”output” device=”led/relay” name=”transmit” pinno=”4″ type=”gpio” chipid=”0″ inverted=”true” enabled=”true”/>

If you ignore the inverted tag talkkonnect will be in default normal mode as before, you only need to include the inverted tag if you want the logic inverted otherwise you can safely ignore this tag in your configuration as the tag is “false” by default.

Happy Talkkonnecting!