PTT over IP Communications


While working on talKKonnect project, talKKonnect team members were sometimes asked by individuals trying to understand the benefits of PTT concept “What is so special about talKKonnect and using PTT, when I have my smart phone and I can always call anybody I want over Whatsapp,  ViberSignal or Telegram?”.

Giving advice to anybody on what is better or worse for them, is always ungrateful. It is useless giving advice to anyone acting “foolish”, while the clever people do not need your or anybody’s advice, what so ever. They already know.

But every now and then, talKKonnect team does get involved in having to present a PTT concept and its usefulness for communicating efficiently within a group or project. Therefore, we decided to touch upon the PTT concept theory and cover it’s history,  use cases and benefits, in a series of blog articles.

If you are satisfied with how you communicate in your project and if you can reach everybody you need on your phone or through other means and do not have any communication challenges, you do not need to be concerned with PTT technology and can freely skip the article series. Or If you already use some form of PTT technology and are happy with it, you can also skip the next articles.

But if you are new to PTT technology and trying to decide whether using the PTT technology in the IP networks is justified in your case or if you are looking for more efficient ways for communicating with your team, want to escape communication “dogmas” and “traps” and achieve more freedom in communicating, then you may appreciate the next series of articles … 

PTT over IP Communications – Part 1

PTT over IP Communications – Part 2

PTT over IP Communications – Part 3

PTT over IP Communications – Part 4

PTT over IP Communications – Part 5

PTT over IP Communications – Part 6

PTT over IP Communications – Part 7